Our Philosophy

Software is increasingly gaining center stage in recent times. And therefore it intensely impacts our private and professional lives.

With the Modelyzr – a software of our own devising – we expose the potential of companies’ customers and products and bolster enterprises to think forward rather than backward.

By making unstructured information useable and valuable, we indeed strive to square the circle in order to reveal untapped potential.

With our Modelyzr we aim to simplify corporate routines, making them more efficient and ultimately more successful.

With Modelyzr we pioneer data driven Demand Management

Who are the initiators?

We – Nils and Sven – are senior business leaders and have shown our expertise within the scope of various projects and companies. We love swiftness, creativity and complex challenges.

As executives we focus on:

  • honesty
  • ambition
  • fairness
  • growth

Sven Lange

Sven Lange is working in the Enterprise ICT Segment and related channels for over 20 years now.

Before building up Modelyzr GmbH, Sven worked as Vice President for the Partner Landscape at SAP, where he was responsible for Channel expansion and Midmarket Demand Management in Germany. He also worked as Vice President Mobile Enterprise for T-Systems, with an end to end responsibility for the Mobility Product Portfolio of T-Systems. In the course of his career he was employed for 12 years in several Management Positions at Microsoft Deutschland GmbH; His latest role being Senior Sales Manager for Global Manufacturing Accounts with a worldwide range of responsibilities.


Nils Niehörster 

Entrepreneur, industry analyst and data scientist for more than 20 years.

As a restless serial entrepreneur Nils founded three startups – all related to complex data analyses – before incorporating Modelyzr GmbH. In his time as owner of RAAD Research he developed the ResearchPanel©-technology enabling full-market predictive intelligence for the IT-Industry. This technology was adopted by market-leading analytics companies around the globe and is still the basis for the Modelyzr’s analytic framework.

Nils is an experienced constructor of complex data analysis systems. He developed artificial intelligence algorithms, computer vision applications based on pattern recognition and predictive analytic algorithms. Dealing with complex data is his ‘built-in’ passion.



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